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Hand-held 3D Printing Pen, AU Plug (Blue)

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Explore and create with this revolutionary 3D Printing Pen! Create 3D Figures and patterns using the ABS filament.


The 3D Printing Pen is the newest concept in the field of three dimensional design, crafting and art.
When you draw an object with the 3D printing pen, it emits heated plastic, which will be instantly cooled and solidified into a sturdy structure.
This 3D evolutionary gadget in the art of 3D creation will help you create whatever you can image.
Make a wonderful gift for creative children and adults.
You can use this pen to draw your desired letter, shape, figure etc. by using its ABS filament.
Suitable for painting worker, product designer, hobbyist, children, student, etc.
Light-weight design can offer you more comfortable experience than the others.
Spinning speed is adjustable.
Intelligent standby function can really avoid unnecessary damage and save the electricity.

Warning !!
1. This 3D pen should be used for children who are older than 8-year-old or adults. Children need to be accompanied by an adult when using product.

2. The top of this pen with high temperature, the maximum temperature up to 230 ℃, so do not touch the penpoint with your hand.

3. Do not put other things into the loading hole or the penpoint.

4. Do not use the penpoint to hit hard objects.

5. In order to protect the machine, please do not choose other adapter and consumables.

6. Keep the machine away from water.

7. After using, ensure the pen with the power adapter and consumables completely separated.


Power Input: 5V 2A
Nozzle Diameter: 0.7 mm
Net Weight: 60±5g
Gross Weight: 180±5g
Printing consumable items: 0.07--0.86 cm³ /minute adjustable
Printing Consumable Temperature: ABS 230℃ PLA 170℃
Rated electrical device parameters: DC 5V 2A 10W
Dimension: 190*30*45
Yellow Product - 6 Months Warranty

Package List:

1 x 3D Printing Pen
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Base Stand
1 x Manual
1 x set of Filament (3 random colours)

Extra Filament can be purchased - Bostin Life PLA 3D Printing Pen/Machine Wire Consumables