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Bostin Life LS-XT6 4K Double Camera Foldable RC Quadcopter Mini Drone Remote Control Aircraft Carry Bag

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A dual camera 4K drone that is super functional with outstanding capabilities! Foldable design and performance, the drone can be carried anywhere and flown anytime. Create awesome high quality 4K video content and capture stunning pictures from the sky.


The arms are foldable, small in size and easy to carry.
With altitude hold mode function, flight stability.
In headless mode, there is no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying.
Use the one-key return function to easily find the way home.
Built-in 500W/4K pixel high-definition camera, surprisingly, it can capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky.
With WiFi function, it can be connected to the application and APK system, and take pictures, video, and real-time transmission through mobile phone camera images.
Draw a flight path on the screen, and the drone will fly autonomously along the specified path.
2.4GHz anti-interference technology.
4 channels, capable of ascent, descend, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and 360° rolling.
The six-axis gyroscope makes the flight more stable and the control more convenient.
LED lights make flying more spectacular, especially in the dark.


Product size: folded: 8x5.5x4cm, open: 18x15x4cm
Receiving frequency: 2.4G
Appearance: folding drone
Body battery: 3.7V 500Mah lithium battery
Charging time: 60 minutes
Charging method: USB cable charging
Single battery flight time: about 12 minutes
Remote control battery: 3*AAA (enough required)
Resolution: 1080P/4K
Return distance: 15-30 meters
Product material: plastic, metal, electronic components, acrylic
Number of channels: 4 channels 6-axis gyroscope
Remote control distance: 80-100 meters
Remote control mode: left hand throttle
Fast and slow gear: fast/slow
Lens angle: adjustable from 180 degrees to 90 degrees
Image transmission signal: WiFi transmission
USB Powered

Package List:

1 x Drone
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
2 x Fan Blades
4 x Protective Rings
1 x Mobile Phone Holder
1 x Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Carry Case