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Play'N'Nap Gymotion Play Mat

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A great way for your baby to spend some time developing their senses with our Play'N' Nap Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat. An innovative 3-stage multi functional play ‘N Nap activity gym. Extra padding and an integrated safe and cozy envelope blanket for covering baby after falling asleep.


Easy transition from a play gym to a soft, secure and supportive seat for upright sitting and playing. Place baby in the Gymotion with the developmentally appropriate stage for her age. Stages 1 – During baby’s first weeks, lay her on her back beneath the arches. Attach the motion activated soft musical plane and other toys to the arches. You can extend the length of the hanging toys by adding an extra Yookidoo® fun link so that the toys will be within reach. Place other toys on the mat around your baby in order to encourage exploration. Stage 2- Place your baby on her tummy. Place toys around her or connect them to the tummy time pillow with the easy attachment loops designed for attaching toys. Place mirror on the mat within your baby’s reach encouraging her to explore. Stage 3- Sit you baby and secure her with the safety harness and buckle up. Slip the pillow into the special pocket under her feet to unsure enhanced comfort.


Suitability: Birth - 12 months
Weight: 2.2 kgs
Dimensions Approx: 1350 x 955 x 480mm (L x W x H)
Machine washable

Package List:

1 x Play'n' Nap Gymotion Play Mat