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Bostin Life 5 PCS / Set Aluminium Alloy Garden Vegetable Garden Tool Sea Tool

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For all the delicate work required in the garden, these set of 5 hand tools covers most tasks. Perfect for weeding, digging, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and much more.


Multi-functional garden tool set: Perfect for weeding, digging, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and so on.
Smart handle ergonomics: The grip of each tool is silicone-made, non-slippery and soft, comfortable and easy for use.
Easy Storage: A hole at the top of the handle, it is convenient storage during the off-season.
Tough and sturdy: They are made of solid polished aluminium, shiny, rust-proof, and sturdy.


weight: 162g
product size: 30 x7.5 cm
function: shovelling soil, fertilization

shovel (with scale)
weight: 157g
product size: 30 x5.5 cm
function: fertilization, shovelling

Three claws
weight: 200g;
product size: 29 x7.5 cm
function: raking soil, raking grass, combing rhizomes

weight: 177g
product size: 28 x7.5 cm
function: loose soil

Root opener
weight: 172g
product size: 29.5 x4 cm
function: take root, pull grass

Package List:

1 x wide shovel
1 x scale shovel
1 x three-tooth rake
1 x three-tooth shovel
1 x weed puller