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White 5 Tier Kids Wooden Canvas Bookshelf Storage Space

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Introducing a 5-tier Book Rack designed specifically for kids, providing ample space for storing and displaying their books. Equipped with 5 deep sling pockets, this rack securely holds books of all sizes, enabling children to easily access their books independently, fostering a more enjoyable reading experience while promoting organizational skills and cleanliness.
The shelf consists of wooden tubes and nylon fabric, this shelf is lightweight and portable for easy moving from place to place and features subtle, rainbow-like color fabric to help your kids fast identify a book with eye protection, also inspires kids to classify books into several categories.
It comes with smooth cambered edges and soft fabric to protect kids from being scratched and a large flat bottom for keeping the shelf stable on the floor surface it is also easy to assemble by installing tubes to sideboards with screws, sliding the fabric into the tubes, and finally securing sideboards.


5-tier Book Rack designed for kid's book storage and display.
5 deep sling pockets securely hold books of any size.
Promotes independent book access and makes reading more enjoyable.
Encourages organization and cleanliness.
Lightweight and portable with wooden tubes and nylon fabric construction.
Subtle, rainbow-like color fabric aids quick book identification and offers eye protection.
Inspires kids to categorize books into different categories.
Smooth cambered edges and soft fabric protect kids from scratches.
Large flat bottom ensures shelf stability on the floor surface.
Easy assembly by installing tubes to sideboards with screws and sliding fabric into the tubes.


Color: Walnut
Material: MDF, Nylon
Size: 62 x 26.5 x 61 cm, Tubes Size: 60 x 1.98 cm, Thickness of Tube: 0.65 mm, Thickness of Side boards: 1.24 cm, Pocket Depth: 17 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Function: Book Shelf

Package Inclusion:

1 x Book Shelf

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