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Swimming Pool Cleaner Floor Automatic Vacuum

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Keep your pool clean and crystal clear. With only one single moving part with its patented Barracuda diaphragm, there is little to maintain with the Aquabuddy pool cleaner. The diaphragm’s strong reinforced outer ribbing is designed for a snap action pulse that makes it significantly more durable with increased suction power to deliver a cleaner and sparkling pool.
Simply connect the hose to your existing filtration system (any pump of 0.5 to 2hp is fine) and let the Cleaner does its magic as it whirls, scrubs and sucks up all the dirt, algae, debris, leaves and bugs lining your pool floor with wide abandon. With its rotating wheel deflector (especially for above-ground pools), it can also navigate around corners fluidly. Better still, this lightweight cleaner works whisper quiet without creating a racket that may irritate the neighbours.
The Aquabuddy cleaner is compatible for use with most in-ground and above-ground pools of all types of surfaces except cobblestone surface. It comes with the necessary hoses and accessories to get you started with minimum fuss. So spend more time in the pool than out of it and cleaning it all summer long.

Note: Our cleaner is not suitable for vinyl pool.


Automatic pool cleaning system
Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools (but not with splash pools)
Reversing assembly so cleaner can reverse out of tight corners and does not get stuck
Powered by your existing filtration system - a pump of minimum 0.5-2hp (or with a minimum flow of 1000ga/h)
Automatic regulator valve sets the ideal suction for peak performance
Speed regulator to adjust suction power
Anti-stick design
Unique rotation foot
Suitable for 0.8-3m deep pool
Hose are not included


Assembly time: Approx. 15mins
Working Power: at least 0.75HP
Moving Speed: 8±0.5m/min
Hose: 38mm extruded hoses, 12pcs * 1m (hoses not included)
Suitable for Pools: in ground or above ground, higher than 0.8m
Working Temperature: 10℃ to 35℃
Weight: 3.5kg (hoses not included)
Dimension: 340 * 300 * 195mm
Red Product - 12 Months Warranty

Package List:

1 x Pool Cleaner
1 x User Manual