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Stainless Steel Movable Stand with Bracket plus Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Sterilizer (Silver)

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You can maintain a safe and hygienic working environment using our Stainless Steel Movable Stand with automatic soap or sanitizer dispenser for entry ways or bathrooms.


Strong and durable construction
Stable Platform for soap, sanitizer dispensers or mountable thermometers
Weighted Base with easy setup
Applicable places: shopping malls, hotels, schools, stations, office buildings
Spray for disinfection machine, suitable for water disinfectant


Material: stainless steel
Processing technology: stamping
Capacity: 1000ml
Expanded size: 32 x 32 x 130cm
Weight: 6.6kg (including packaging)

Package List:

1 x Stainless Steel Stand and automatic dispenser