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Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit

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Keep your pool clean and sparkly with our Deluxe Maintenance Kit features an adjustable aluminium pole with skimmer, a surface skimmer and a vacuum. It is compatible for use with any above-ground pool except steel wall pools, and with filter pumps with a 3,028L/h (800gal/h) flow rate and above. The pool surface skimmer works with the filter pump to clear floating leaves and debris while the pool vacuum cleans the pool walls and floor. Floating debris can also be cleared manually with the pool skimmer. The debris and leaf bag is removable and re-usable.


Durable and corrosion-proof plastic material
2.79m (110?) adjustable aluminium pole for large diameter pools
Removable and reusable debris and leaf bag
Extra-long vacuum hose 7.5m (24.5?), 3.2cm (1.25?) diameter
Compatible with filter pumps with 3,028L/h (800gal/h) flow rate and above
For use with all above-ground pools except steel wall pools


Packaging Size: 112cm x 22cm x 27cm

Package List:

1 x Deluxe Maintenance Kit (Pole with skimmer, surface skimmer and vacuum)
1 x User Manual