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Bostin Life Christmas Ornaments Old Man In the Forest Lamb Wool Christmas Socks Faceless Doll Christmas Socks Gift Bag (Red)

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Add to your Christmas décor and spread cheer with our Old Man In the Forest Lamb Wool Christmas Sock! Use the sock to store goodies for your loved ones present it on the big day.


This Christmas stocking has a large opening at the top and a spacious interior, which is very suitable for use as a gift bag with candy and small gifts
Can be used as an ornament hanging on the Christmas tree, fireplace, window or whatever you want to decorate Place.
Fluffy, wool fabrics, matching faceless dolls, all the details are extremely crafted and beautiful in appearance.


Material: non-woven fabric
Process: mechanical sewing
Purpose: Christmas decoration for homes, restaurants, hotels and other scenes
Size: 50x23x25 cm
Weight: 95g
Packing: OPP bag
Role: add Christmas atmosphere, dress up the scene
Remarks: delivery only comes with gift bag

Package List:

1 x Plush Faceless Doll Christmas Socks