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Dual Nozzle Toilet Bidet Non-Electric Bathroom Water Sprayer

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This device fits only a two-piece toilet. It works with no electricity or battery required. It also comes with water temperature control and flow control.
This bidet connects directly to the freshwater supply, providing you with a spray of water for your personal hygiene that's far more comfortable and thorough than scratchy toilet paper.
You'll be helping the environment by using less toilet paper or wet wipes. It supports easy and quick self-installation and does not require any special tools other than a normal screwdriver.
This is a fresh-water bidet spray with a nozzle that is easily attachable and detachable to and from any standard two-piece toilet bowl.


Designed for two-piece toilets, no electricity or battery required, with water temperature and flow control.
Connects directly to freshwater supply, offering a comfortable and thorough spray for personal hygiene.
Environmentally friendly, reduces toilet paper and wet wipe usage.
Easy and quick self-installation, no special tools required, just a normal screwdriver.
Fresh-water bidet spray with easily attachable and detachable nozzle for standard two-piece toilet bowls. 


Color: White
Material: ABS, Brass
Size: 5.1in x 6.5in
Weight: 850g
Length of the hose: 63cm 
Function: Bidet

Package Inclusion:

1 x Dual nozzle bidet
1 x Teflon tape
1 x Small black rubber washer
1 x Brass T-connector
1 x Stainless steel flexible hose

Product Notes:

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