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Reusable Highly Sensitive Humane Mouse Trap

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Color: Green


This humane mouse trap catches even the smallest mice. It is equipped with a high-sensitivity trigger mechanism that activates with the smallest movements, capturing mice without killing them.
The intelligent design makes setting up this trap a breeze. You can search for tips and tricks so you can be sure that you can catch the mouse quickly and easily. Smart design allows you to release the mouse safely and healthily.
This is an environmentally friendly, animal-friendly, and child-friendly way to deal with mice. No touch, no dangerous poison or glue, no spring mechanism that is dangerous for pets and children and can spread diseases. Choose the most effective and humane solution on the market.


Humane mouse trap that captures even the smallest mice without killing them.
High-sensitivity trigger mechanism activates with the smallest movements.
Easy setup with intelligent design and available tips and tricks for quick and easy mouse catching.
Safe and healthy mouse release.
Environmentally friendly, animal-friendly, and child-friendly solution without touch, poison, glue, or dangerous mechanisms.
Effective and humane solution for dealing with mice on the market.


Color: Green, Orange
Material: ABS
Size: 25 x 165 x 10cm
Weight: 250g
Function: Mouse Trap

Package Inclusion:

1 x Mouse Trap

Product Notes:

Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurements.
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