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Bostin Life KJH Multi-function Bracket Handle Charging Base NSpro Pokemon Ball Receiving Frame for Nintendo Switch

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Keep your Nintendo Switch and accessories charged and all in one place with this handy Charging Base!


Designed for the switch host
Can store the host and the handle, the game CD
Can be charged with 2 switch pro handles, charge 2 switch joy handles, charge the switch online handle
Can accommodate 8 game discs
The bottom drawer of the product can accommodate 1 base of the host, and the host is placed upright.
The product body two branches can accommodate the hanging grip and handle
Can be stored to charge two elf balls, born for the game


Type: Charging Station
Function: multifunction storage bracket
Colour: Black
Voltage: DC5V
Power: Input 2-3A, output 500-600MA

Product List:

1 x Storage cradle assembly 3 + 1 seat chargers, common parts
1 x A charging line