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Bostin Life 11 in 1 Wooden Handle Silicone Non-stick Spatula Spoon Kitchen Tool + Bucket Set

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Great set for a starting kitchen, complete cooking utensils set covers all kitchen needs. Out 11 piece utensil set comes with great looking wooden handles and silicone material to handle high temperatures. Comes in a handy metal bucket to neatly store. Ideal gift set for the cook in the house or for a house warming gift!


Food grade silicone material, safe and durable.
Wooden handle for high temperature resistance.
The hole at the handle is designed for easy suspension.
For cooking, baking, barbecue, etc.
The necessary tools for making Chinese food.


Brush size: 27x4cm, weight: 59g.
Scraper size: 31.5x6cm, weight: 99g.
Spaghetti spoon size: 31.5x7cm, weight: 89g.
Skimming spoon size: 31.5x7cm, weight: 75g.
Spoon size: 31.5x7cm, weight: 74g.
Leaky spatula size: 32x8cm, weight: 75g.
Soup spoon size: 31.5x7.5cm, weight: 91g.
Big spatula size: 32x8cm, weight: 80g.
Small spatula size: 31.5x7cm, weight: 82g.
Food clip size: 26.5x3.5cm, weight: 90g.
Eggbeater size: 26x6cm, weight: 52g.

Package list:

Brush x 1
Scraper x 1
Spaghetti spoon x 1
Skimming spoon x 1
Spoon x 1
Leaky spatula x 1
Soup spoon x 1
Big spatula x 1
Small spatula x 1
Food clip x 1
Eggbeater x 1
Bucket x 1