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Natural Obsidian Stone Chakra Energy Pyramid

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Color: Black

The Pyramid shape has historically been a sacred geometrical shape said to collect energy from the universe and centre it to us through the tip. This beautifully crafted Natural Obsidian Stone Pyramid allows you to create a positive energy space in your home.


The energy pyramid for good luck and wealth, known as the energy generator and converter, naturally attracts the positive energy and converts the negative energy into positive.

The beautiful Amethyst Pyramid, brings sobriety, peace, calm, balance, courage, and inner strength; In the middle is a copper metal ring for energy stability; and at the bottom, there are tumbled stones and golden paper, 2 optional stones for your choice, black stones, and blue stones.

The black stone set is to prevent villains, sick Chi, turbid Chi, ward off evil and transform evil spirits, while the blue stone set is for peace, happiness and comfort, eliminate negative energy, strengthen psychic abilities and enhance self-confidence.

This energy pyramid can benefit you in many ways. It transmutes negative energy and creates positive energy, balances your own energy and spiritual world, neutralizes harmful effects of radiation, promotes health and concentration, enhances happy mood, cleanses the Chakra for meditation, etc.

You may place this energy pyramid on your desk, on your bookshelf, in your room, in your office, or on your cabinet as an amulet decoration. Also, you can send it to your friend or loved as a gift with best wishes.


Color: Black, Green, Purple
Material: Resin, Natural Stone
Shape: Pyramid
Size: 6 * 6 * 6cm

Package List:

1 x Energy Pyramid