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Solar Powered Wall Mounted Motion Sensor LED Light

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Color: Black Body / Warm Light


 Lighten up your patio with this Adjustable Wall Mounted Motion Sensor Solar Light. Designed to provide convenient lighting, this innovative light automatically turns on as darkness falls. When motion is detected, the light seamlessly transitions from a dim glow to a full beam, ensuring optimal visibility. Even after motion ceases, the light remains on its full beam setting for an additional 30 seconds, maximizing its usefulness. Thanks to its adjustable angle, you can easily direct the light to illuminate specific areas according to your needs. Plus, with its solar-powered functionality, there's no need for messy wires or batteries.
This eco-friendly solution harnesses solar energy to operate efficiently. Furthermore, the light is constructed to withstand various weather conditions, making it water and weatherproof. With its durable design, it will continue to illuminate your doorway for an extended period. Personalize your light by choosing between a sleek black or white shell and decide whether you prefer a warm or cool light tone, allowing you to match your style and preferences seamlessly.


Automatic on/off: Turns on automatically when it gets dark.
Motion-activated brightness: Transitions from dim to full beam light when motion is detected.
Extended illumination: Full beam light stays on for 30 seconds after motion stops.
Adjustable angle: Lights can be adjusted to point where needed.
Solar-powered and weatherproof: No wires or batteries required, and it is water and weatherproof for long-lasting performance.


Shell Color: Black, White
Light Color: Warm, White
Material: ABS
Size: 25 x 200 x 40.55 mm

Package Inclusion:

1 x Lamp
1 x Screw Set
1 x Mount

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