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2.5L Cat Dog Water Fountain with Automatic Filtration

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Never let your fur buddy go thirsty with this 2.5L Cat or Dog Water Fountain with Automatic Filtration!


This is an Automatic Pet Water Dispenser with upgraded ultra-quiet pumps. It emits noise with less than 30 decibels, provides comfortable sleep for pets, you can barely feel it working; A kilowatt-hour every three months, environmental protection, and energy-saving.

It is equipped with four layers of filtration – 1. Adsorbs foreign matter such as wet wool debris; 2. Softens hard water quality; 3. Removal of chlorine and microorganisms; 4. Filtering fine hair and fine particles.

The whole body has no metal design, all of which use food-grade silica gel to prevent the poisoning of precious metals.

The water fountain provides water for your pet for up to 10 days; Circular arc design, easy to match with family-style; Rounded curved surface, reduces dust fall area, reduces the probability of wetting pet hair.


Color: Black, Green, Pink, White
Material: ABS
Size: 145 x 213 mm
Weight: 650g
Function: Pet Drinking Fountain
Capacity: 2.5L
USB Re-Chargeable

Package List:

1 x Pet Drinking Fountain
1 x USB Cable