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USB Enabled Colorful Touch Sensitive Hexagonal Wall Lamp Set

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Connect these USB Enabled Colorful Touch Sensitive Hexagonal Wall Lamps for a stunning lighting effect in your home! Get creative and make different shapes and sequences of the lights.  Available in sets of 3, 6. 9 or 12.


This hexagonal touch light adopts control by remote as well as touch; When you touch the center of the low-power light board, it will Immediately activate the lighting and color changes; RGB hexagonal light can be used to switch 13 kinds of monochrome changes through the remote, but can also perform monochrome flashing, fast switching, slow changes, and timing.

Six or more hexagon light panels of modular touch light can be spliced into various shapes and lighting effects according to your needs and imagination, allowing you to feel fun of DIY touch light; No matter where you are in a warm family or an enthusiastic party, hex lights touch can be easily integrated into the surrounding environment.

The LED panel lights can be turned on and off by the user's physical contact, and various modes can be switched with a light touch of the hand; these hexagon wall lights is made of high-quality materials that allow you to smoothly touch the sliding switch while ensuring uniform illumination of led light wall panels, showing a brilliant lighting effect.

One USB power cord can connect up to 18 light boards, but please do not use all 6 connectors to form a closed-circuit current between the 6 lights for your safety and protection.


Light Color: RGB
Material: ABS
Size: 10.3*9.2*2.8CM
Weight: 60g
Functions: Wall Light
Remote control distance: 10-20m
Working temperature: - 20-60 ℃
Static power consumption: < 1W
USB Powered

Package List:

3/6/9/12 x Hexagonal Light Set (as per selected quantity)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Nano Chip
1 x Remote Control