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Guardian Mesh Protective Insect Covers for Fruit and Vegetable Garden

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Introducing our innovative protective bags featuring a breathable mesh design, providing a refreshing alternative to perspiring inside conventional plastic bags. These bags are not only washable and reusable, but they also serve multiple purposes for groceries and storage needs. Crafted from durable mesh polyester, they are lightweight, allowing for easy visibility of contents, and are environmentally friendly.

With these bags, you can conveniently wash your products directly inside them and then transfer them directly to the refrigerator, reducing food waste. They are versatile and suitable for storing a wide range of items, including toys, vegetables, fruits, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Embrace this practical and eco-conscious solution for all your storage needs.


These protective bags have a breathable mesh design instead of sweating inside store plastic bags.
They are washable and reusable for groceries and storage.
It is made out of strong mesh polyester, lightweight, easy to see, and eco-friendly.
You can wash the products directly in these bags, then put them directly in the refrigerator, less food wasted.
Suitable for toys, vegetables, fruits, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, accessories, and more.


Color: White
Material: Mesh
Size: 10*15cm, 15*25cm, 15*25cm
Weight: 500g
Function: Protective Mesh Bags

Package Inclusion:

10*15cm variant
100pcs x 10*15cm
15*25cm variant (50pcs)
50pcs x 15*25cm
15*25cm variant (100pcs)
100pcs x 15*25cm

Product Notes:

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