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Bostin Life helps Lives - Story of Chamila

Chamila is a 34 year old beautiful and creative Sri Lankan woman who desperately required a mobility scooter.  At only 2 months of age, Chamila tragically lost one of her kidneys and after surgery, with a lack of recovery and rehabilitation following the procedures in her developing ages, Chamila's growth was stunted. Chamila has grown up in poverty and has been unable to walk, and from her infancy, she crawled and then has relied on an old tricycle for limited mobility. Chamila has also never had the opportunity to leave the proximity of her home to experience life beyond.

Chamila when we met her

Chamila when we met her

The team here at Bostin Life were able to make a massive difference in Chamila's life by providing her with a brand new electric scooter.  Chamila has described the feeling as someone giving her wings to fly.  For Chamila, receiving the scooter has given her the freedom and for her elderly parents, it has given them such a great sense of relief since it provided has provided her with independence.

Chamila with her new Mobility Scooter

Chamila's living is based on making greeting cards for occasions such as birthdays and valentines day etc. Bostin Life continues to support Chamila in her interests by providing funds to obtain the art and craft materials necessary for her home based card business and generally improving her living conditions and developing her independence. 

Chamila at work

Chamilas work 1

Chamila's work 2

From a recent phone call from Chamila, she conveyed her thanks to our team at Bostin Life after the first time she was able to leave her house un-aided since her birth!  There was not a dry eye in our office upon hearing this!

At Bostin Life we believe in compassion and look forward helping many more individuals like Chamila in desperate need of a helping hand.

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