Bostin Life helps Lives - Susantha and the Selvi Family

Susantha is a labourer in Sri Lanka by profession supporting his partner and 2 children. Susantha has been in the process of building his own home when unfortunately he was involved in a road accident. Susantha has been unable to work and provide for the family, and all this at a time when his partner was expecting their second child.

Susantha and Family 1

The semi completed home where Susantha and his family lives had no roof, with plastic sheets being used for makeshift roofing. The floors of the home also being a simple dirt floor, with no windows and doors incomplete and during windy and rainy days, the family being exposed to the elements.

The team at Bostin Life heard of Susantha's situation and assisted financially organizing the remaining construction of the home, beginning with the roof. With Susantha's partner soon expecting their second child, it was a race against time to have the roof completed in time for the family before the rainy monsoon season and also before the baby arrived. We were able to achieve this for Susantha and the family and thankfully the family was able to remain dry during the heavy monsoon season.

We have since been able to assist Susantha with completion of the floors, remaining walls, windows and doors of their home.

Susantha and their family have been thankful for Bostin Life's contribution towards construction of their home and Bostin Life continues to assist the family with completion of the home and with basic essentials for the family.