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USB Powered 200ml Capacity Flame Simulation Air Humidifier

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Color: Black

Product Description:

Introducing the Flame Humidifier Air Purifier, a versatile and practical device that enhances your environment and promotes well-being. This cool mist humidifier effectively adds moisture to the air, combating dryness and offering relief for chapped skin, lips, and sinuses. Experience a fresh and comfortable atmosphere wherever you are.
Not only does it serve as a humidifier, but it also doubles as a soothing night light, creating a serene ambiance. With a noise level of only up to 35 decibels, this humidifier operates quietly, ensuring it won't disrupt your activities, study, work, or sleep. Additionally, the flame lamp design adds a touch of relaxation to your surroundings.
Designed with your safety in mind, this humidifier features an automatic shut-off function when the water volume is insufficient. You can rest easy knowing that the device won't overheat or burn out while you sleep. It is recommended to use a data plug with an output power of 5V/2A for optimal protection.
The compact and lightweight nature of this desktop humidifier allows for portability, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go. It is perfect for use in your home, office, car, or during travel. By improving air quality and increasing moisture levels in the immediate vicinity, this portable humidifier effectively combats the harsh effects of dry air, ensuring a more comfortable and healthier environment.



Cool mist humidifier that adds moisture to the air.
Eliminates dryness and helps with dry chapped skin, lips, and sinuses.
Creates a fresh and comfortable environment.
Can function as a soothing night light.
Emits sound at a maximum of 35 decibels, maintaining a quiet atmosphere.
Does not interfere with study, work, or sleep.
Flame lamp design enhances relaxation.
Automatic shut-off when water volume is insufficient.
Provides protection against device burning out during sleep.
Requires a data plug with an output power of 5V/2A.
Compact and lightweight desktop humidifier.
Portable, suitable for home, office, car, or travel.
Improves air quality and moisture content in the immediate vicinity.
Combats the harsh effects of dry air.


Color: Black, White, Wood
Material: PP, ABS
Size: 201 x 127 x 81 mm
Weight: 397g
Function: Humidifier
Tank Capacity: 200ml

Package Inclusion:

1 x Humidifier
1 x USB Cable

Product Notes:

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