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Novelty Lightning Shocking Reaction Toy - Battery Operated

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Whos the quickest draw in your family or among your friends? Find out with this Battery Operated Novelty Lightning Shocking Reaction Toy!


Each player grabs a handle from the base. Press the button in the center, watch the red light blink and listen to the suspenseful music play. Wait for it…..when the red light turns green GO. Press the trigger button as quickly as possible. Be the last to react and get the electric shock.

This game’s objective is to have the quickest draw and best timing of your opponents. This device guarantees hours of fun and laughs as you and your friends get zapped.

This Shocking Toy comes with a variable shock control – Low, Medium, and High. How much electric shock can you take…very little or electrifying.

Add some zap to your next party or play shocking pranks on your friends with Lightning Shocking Reaction Toy. Bust out this shocking game for an electrifying good time.

It is an electric shock game for teens and adults. It is not intended for use for children under 14 years of age. Using it requires 3 AAA batteries – NOT INCLUDED.


Color: Black
Material: ABS, Electronics
Size: 15.5cm*17cm*15.5cm
Weight: 500g
Functions: Lightning Reaction Toy
Battery Information: 3 * AA batteries (not included)
Battery Powered

Package List:

1 x Shocking Reaction Toy