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2 in 1 High Pressure Car Wash Foaming Gun with Water Sprayer

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Color: Red


This is a complete car foam gun kit. It has a brass standard hose connector that fits most of your standard garden hose, so there are no additional tools or machines required to produce foamy cleaning fun.
It has 2 in 1 function, support spray foam or water spray. It is also simple to use, add some soap and water to the container, and connect the garden hose. The foaming wand will produce sticky foam and the car wash will only take a few minutes.
The foam gun has a 0-5 gear adjustment dial. The concentration of foam can increase as the number increase. What’s more, refined internal components allow better interaction of water and air, mixing more air with the detergent in the bottle.
The extended and upgraded filter at the end of the pipe can filter out particles in the cleaning fluid or water, and will not scratch the car paint. The unique water pressure control handle valve makes it easier to use, metal clip on the handgrip helps you to fix water pressure, making your hands free. There is a marking line on the 1L bottle to make it easy to observe the capacity.
It has a High-Quality Brass Connector that ensures the tightness of the washing gun and a leak-free connection to the hose. Rubber Sealed Loop inside the ratio dials for good sealing and no leaks.


Complete car foam gun kit with a brass standard hose connector for easy attachment to most garden hoses, no additional tools required
2-in-1 function for spray foam or water spray, simple to use with soap and water added to the container and connected to the garden hose
0-5 gear adjustment dial on the foam gun for increasing foam concentration
Refined internal components for better water and air interaction, resulting in more air mixed with detergent
Extended and upgraded filter at the end of the pipe filters out particles without scratching car paint
Unique water pressure control handle valve and metal clip on handgrip for hands-free operation
1L bottle with marking line for easy capacity observation
High-quality brass connector ensures tightness and leak-free connection to the hose
Rubber sealed loop inside ratio dials for good sealing and no leaks. 


Color: Red
Material: Plastic, Copper
Size: 11.4 x 9 inch (L*H)
Weight: 405g
Function: Car Cleaning Foam Gun
Capacity: 1L


The working water pressure is 2.5-6bar.
Remove the mixing valve with a siphon.
Link the handle and the water supply hose together.
Add the detergent to the plastic pot and tighten the lid with the mixing valve.
In order to prevent the detergent from leaking from the pot, the foam gun plastic pot must always be kept upward.
Adjust the mixing valve according to the table of the kettle body and select the appropriate foam ratio.
If you need to flush directly, please adjust the regulating valve to the “φ” gear, or remove the handle from the mixing valve for use.

Package Inclusion:

1 x Car Cleaning Foam Gun

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