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BM-800 Studio Condenser Microphone for Broadcasting, Singing and Recording

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Sing like the professionals with our high quality Studio Condenser Microphone! With excellent build quality, the microphone will ensure you achieve clarity minimizing the background noise. With a choice of colours and packages to suit your requirements.


This Karaoke Microphone has an Ultra-wide frequency response, it exudes bright and transparent sound through its popular built-in filters and windshield, minimizing breath and pop noise, and you can count on it after countless shows and studio applications.

This Condenser microphone is made out of durable metal material that guarantees a long service life. It is also made of high-quality carbide metal; this microphone is durable and impact resistant.

This high-quality microphone condenser can achieve higher gain while minimizing background feedback. Suitable for karaoke machines, stage performances, presentations, weddings, conferences, churches, interviews, and family gatherings.

This microphone condenser has an anti-wind foam cap that helps keep your microphone clean. It also helps in protecting the microphone from wind, dust, and other impurities.

This Condenser can easily switch to different models, adjust the volume, sing, and play music. Through the echo model, our karaoke microphones bring an immersive feeling around.

The excellent design is perfect for your hand and makes you feel comfortable. This product can be used as a speaker, player, and recorder, compatible with a wide range of singing applications.


Microphone Material: steel mesh + zinc alloy tube
Options Available -
4-piece set available colours: black-gold, blue, pink, white-sliver
7-piece set available colours: black-gold, blue, gold, and red
Dimensions: 45 x 160 mm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 45 decibels ± 1 dB
Output Impedance: 150Ω ± 30% (1 kHz)
Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω
Equivalent Noise Level: 16 dba
Current: 3
Signal-to-Noise ratio: 78 decibels
Microphone output interface: 3.5 mm
Cable length: 2.5 m

Package List:


1 x Condenser microphone
1 x plastic shock frame
1 x Audio cable
1 x Sponge ball


1 x Condenser microphone 16 * 4.5 cm
1 x USB sound card
1 x Audio cable 2.5 m
1 x Sponge ball
1 x plastic shock frame
1 x Black bracket 38 * 37 cm (including base + wheat clip)
1 x Anti-spray net 15.5 cm
1 x Manual