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Bostin Life Portable Double Layer Mesh Sport Duffel Beach Picnic Shoulder Storage Bag Handbag (Black)

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A handy tote bag to keep food and beverages cool and take your essentials with you!. Ideal casual beach bag or bag for a day out, comes in a variety of colours.


You will enjoy the convenience of this fashionable, lightweight, canvas and mesh beach bag with an additional cooler bag segment with zipper.
The lunch bag with a cooler bag can storage food and drink for cool or hot, which makes your trip more convenient.
The large mesh bag can contain some cloth, toilet requisites, iPhone etc. what you need in your trip.
The long, padded handles ensure maximum comfort of your palms and shoulders.
Take this large mesh tote on vacation, to the beach, pool, camping, BBQ or picnic on a family day out. Or just let it keep your food and drinks chilled on your way home from the grocery store.
Go for the casual, eye-catching fun mesh beach tote bag. You can use this cool mesh tote as a purse or to carry anything you need for the day-beachwear, towels, books, extra clothes.
Suitable for personal use or as a gift to your family members.


Material: Oxford Cloth, Mesh Cloth
Size: 37*42*15cm
Weight: 220g

Package List:

1 x Tote Bag