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Automatic Foaming Bathroom Soap Dispenser - USB Charging

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With this is automatic foaming soap dispenser, there is no need to press buttons for the soap to dispense, easily operate and dispense soap or sanitizer with no contact.


It is equipped with an infrared induction where you only need to stretch out your hand; the dense foam will come out without contact operation, guaranteed safe for health and sanitation.

It comes with a transparent window, where the remaining amount of soap is visible so you know when to refill. It is suitable for foam-type (water-like) hand sanitizers of various brands, and it is more convenient to change the liquid.

Precisely control the mixing ratio of soap and air, the foam is more delicate, more intimate with the skin, and deep cleans without hurting hands.

It is also equipped with a large-capacity battery that can be used for about 3 months after being fully charged for about 3 hours or you can charge the device until the white light turns off.

It also comes with three levels of bubble volume that can be adjusted at will. For children and adults with different needs, touch the upper breathing light to switch (white light-high-end 1.8g, blue light-mid-range 1g, green light-low-end 0.6g).


Color: White
Material: ABS
Size: 101.48*74.45*197mm
Weight: 280g
Functions: Soap Dispenser
Usage Time: up to 3 months
Charging Time: 3 hours (until the light turns off)
Battery Information: 800mA
Input voltage: DC6V Working temperature: -10℃-40℃
Secondary induction: Interval time 0.5 seconds
Induction Distance: 4-6 cm
Single Output: High- 1.8g, Mid- 1g, Low- 0.6g
Liquid Type: Foaming Hand Sanitizer
Waterproof Level: IPX5

Package List:

1 x Foaming Soap Dispenser
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual