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USB Rechargeable Interface Wooden Acrylic LED Desktop Night Lamp

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This LED night lamp provides a soft and non-dazzling brightness, protecting your eyes while creating a cozy atmosphere. The environmentally friendly and energy-efficient LED ensures long-lasting use.
With an elegant and interesting square design, this night lamp is a beautiful addition to your home. The embedded lighting elements emit a warm glow, promoting a restful sleep.
Made from high-quality pine wood, this night light is lightweight yet sturdy. It is free from pungent odors and sharp edges, making it safe for children to handle.
The lamp includes a USB cable for convenient power supply, compatible with any USB port. Simply plug it in to enjoy the gentle illumination, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.


Soft brightness that protects your eyes
Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and durable LED
Creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere with warm white light
Elegant and interesting square design with embedded lighting elements
Enables restful sleep with gentle warm glow
Made of high-quality pine wood with lightweight and sturdy design
No pungent odor or sharp edges, safe for kids to handle
Equipped with USB cable for easy and versatile use
Compatible with any USB power port
Safe and energy-efficient operation


Color: Wood
Shape: Home, Square
Material: Wood, Acrylic
Size: Home- 120 x 90 x 85mm, Square- 75 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight: 380g
Function: LED Lamp
Light Color: Warm White
Battery Capacity: 450mAh

Package Inclusion:

1 x Lamp
1 x USB Cable

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